Monday, November 22, 2010

Felt candy garland

I was browsing through a craft store a few weeks back.  I was hoping to be inspired for teacher Christmas gifts & just to be inspired.  I was feeling all hope was lost since I had roamed 80% of the store, until I saw a book that was all about felt projects.  Hmmmm.  I opened it up & saw these adorable candy felt swirls made into a garland.  I thought they were cute then left still feeling uninspired.  But I kept thinking about those silly things.  I tend to ramble so here's the rest, simplified.  I wanted to give it a try but have no idea the measurements they used or any of that jazz, just a pic in my head.  So here's what I came up with.

I think I'll make a few more & string them on my Christmas tree.  My husband says they look edible.  It made me smile, I'll take that as a compliment.

You'll need:

 I used plastic 6x9 round red & white beads,

3 squares of red felt, 3 of white, thin crochet thread (size 20), a 3" needle & long pins (sewing pins).

Cut strips of felt into 9" x 1/2"

Then place a white strip over a red strip & start rolling

keep rolling until you get to the end.  The white will be around 3/4" longer so I cut it so it was 1/8" - 1/4" shorter than the red

then pin all the way through to hold it together

Now set it aside & make 50 more.  I type that so casually :)

Cut a 12 foot strand of crochet thread (HOLY COW, that's long!)
  Tie a knot on one of your thread, just in case you need to anchor this garland.  On the other end thread the needle.

Thread a candy, then 5 beads, candy, 5 beads, candy, etc.  Make sure you don't unravel your candy swirl.  I either stuck the needle next to the pin, then took the pin out,or while securing the swirl took out the pin first then threaded it.

It will start to look like so

Once you have all 50 candies & beads on, it will be about 10 feet long.  I put a loop at the end too.

Now I'm going to play with measurements & make BIG candy swirls & make a custom garland for under my TV.  Ohhhh ahhhhhh!  I'll post pics if & when that fun thought happens!


Marsha said...

This is so cute! I can't wait to copy it. Have a great Christmas!

New Every Morning said...

Love this idea! My daughters will love doing this craft! Thanks!

Belinda said...

Holy Cow!! That's so cute! I must do this for next year. It will take me all year to make one long enough anyway!! LOL.